BrainiYak is being reconstructed

I am reconstructing BrainiYak in an attempt to make it less visually busy. Please give me a few a days.

This post is categorized under Psychiatry because WordPress’s obstacles to combined aesthetic and practical sense is toying with my mood. So to speak.

BrainiYak’s Category list is gone for good, I think. WordPress makes it unusable on mobile devices, and it was far too long even for computer displays. A search function will have to fill in.

I also have no idea why anyone thought interminably long month and year Archives was a good idea. Who looks anything up that way?

Please forgive the preceding blather. I’ve been messing with WordPress on 2 websites for 4 weeks. All day. Every day. It is not a good platform for precisely minded Ignorami like me, it seems.

Had Adobe not turned Dreamweaver into an expensive subscription, I would still be contendedly using it on one of the two sites.

Best wishes to all. (I’d put an emoticon here if I knew how.)