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Study shows that very gifted students are often cheated by America’s educational system — with the press release’s excellent video interview of the study’s lead author, Professor David Lubinski 0

© 2014 Peter Free Citation — to study Harrison J. Kell, David Lubinski, and Camilla P. Benbow, Who Rises to the Top? Early Indicators, Psychological Science 24(5): 648-659, DOI: 10.1177/0956797612457784 (26 March 2014) Citation — to press release Jane Sevier and Joan Brasher, 30-year study reveals clues to the exceptional child’s journey, Research News at […]

A simple intervention reduces political polarization — by making people read political arguments in hard to decipher print fonts 0

Citation — to study Ivan Hernandez and Jesse Lee Preston, Disfluency disrupts the confirmation bias, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 49(1): 178-182 (January 2013) Citation — to press release Diana Yates, Difficult-to-read font reduces political polarity, study finds, University of Illinois (02 November 2012) Background — what is confirmation bias? From the abstract: One difficulty […]

Study of mobile phone use reveals striking difference in pattern of female versus male “top three” relationships over the life span 0

Citation © 2012 Vasyl Palchykov, Kimmo Kaski, Janos Kertész, Albert-László Barabási, and Robin I. M. Dunbar, Sex differences in intimate relationships, Science Reports [at] 2(370), doi:10.1038/srep00370 (19 April 2012) (at abstract) Summary of this study’s findings Aging women appear to alter their youthful, mate-centered, hierarchy of close relationships to a subsequent one that exhibits […]

A surprising (and questionable) finding — two-thirds of Ontario and Nova Scotia paramedics are subjected to abuse, while doing their jobs 0

A maybe not so rigorous survey of Canadian EMS workers A Canadian, in-conference, survey of 1,381 Ontario and Nova Scotia emergency service workers (apparently emergency medical technicians and paramedics, 70 percent of whom were male and had 10-years experience) discovered that: 67 percent had been verbally abused, 41 percent had been subjected to intimidation, 26 […]

The more self-adulatory hot air you blow, the better you do in the corporate world? — Apparently so, says Columbia Business School 0

Sad news for women, who deserve better based on their actual performances Men’s “honest” overconfidence gets them promoted to leadership over similarly competent women: Reuben and his coresearchers . . . asked MBA students to complete a set of math problems on which both men and women perform about the same. One year later, the […]