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Deterioration of inhibitory neurons — in the intermediate nucleus of the human hypothalamus — may account for fragmented sleep problems in the elderly and those with Alzheimer’s dementia — according to a study of 45 patients Comments Off

© 2014 Peter Free Citation — to study Andrew S. P. Lim, Brian A. Ellison, Joshua L. Wang, Lei Yu, Julie A. Schneider, Aron S. Buchman, David A. Bennett, and Clifford B. Saper, Sleep is related to neuron numbers in the ventrolateral preoptic/intermediate nucleus in older adults with and without Alzheimer’s disease, Brain, DOI: 10.1093/brain/awu222 […]

NOAA Land Cover Atlas study shows US coastal loss of 1,536 square miles of wetlands and 6.1 percent forest cover — from 1996 to 2011 Comments Off

© 2014 Peter Free Citation Ben Sherman and Kitty Fahey, NOAA analysis reveals significant land cover changes in U.S. coastal regions, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (18 August 2014) Keeping an inventory keeps our blather about conservation honest From a biologist’s perspective, changes in land use almost never go in desirable directions: Among the significant […]

Higher levels of Interleukin 6 at age 9 — in British children living in or near Bristol England — appear to increase the risk for depression (at age 18) by about 55 percent — and increase the risk for psychotic problems (also at age 18) by between 80 to 240 percent Comments Off

© 2014 Peter Free Citation — to study Golam M. Khandaker, Rebecca M. Pearson, Stanley Zammit, Glyn Lewis, and Peter B. Jones, Association of Serum Interleukin 6 and C-Reactive Protein in Childhood With Depression and Psychosis in Young Adult Life: A Population-Based Longitudinal Study, JAMA Psychiatry, DOI:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2014.1332 (online first, 13 August 2014) Citation — to […]

An especially antibiotic resistant strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa showed up in Ohio — and it appears to include Salmonella resistance genes — illustrating the worrisome mobility of drug resistance genes among microorganisms Comments Off

© 2014 Peter Free Citation — to study Federico Perez, Andrea M. Hujer, Steven H. Marshall, Amy J. Ray, Philip N. Rather, Nuntra Suwantarat, Donald Dumford III, Patrick O’Shea, T. Nicholas J. Domitrovic, Robert A. Salata, Kalyan D. Chavda, Liang Chen, Barry N. Kreiswirth, Alejandro J. Vila, Susanne Haussler, Michael R. Jacobs, and Robert. A. […]

A clue in European honey bee Colony Collapse Disorder — pirazole and neonicotinoid class pesticides appear to reduce mitochondrial function in bees Comments Off

© 2014 Peter Free Citation — to study Daniel Nicodemo, Marcos A. Maioli, Hyllana C.D. Medeiros, Marieli Guelfi, Kamila V.B. Balieira, David De Jong, and Fábio E. Mingatto, Fipronil and imidacloprid reduce honeybee mitochondrial activity, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, DOI: 10.1002/etc.2655 (early view, 06 August 2014) Citation — to press release Jennifer Lynch, Fipronil and […]