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An obviously non-random survey conducted by the University of Sheffield — of about 100 Londoners — reportedly drew the overall conclusion that — “UK cities including London not as ‘smart’ as global counterparts” — From a statistical perspective, are you friggin’ kidding me? Comments Off

© 2015 Peter Free Citation Sean Barton, UK cities including London not as ‘smart’ as global counterparts, University of Sheffield (03 March 2015) If dumbheads like this are professors and/or media staffers at the University of Sheffield . . . . . . the United Kingdom has a bigger problem than just its allegedly laggard […]

Ultra-small bacteria — reportedly from three bacterial phyla — discovered in Rifle (Colorado) groundwater Comments Off

© 2015 Peter Free Citation — to study Birgit Luef, Kyle R. Frischkorn, Kelly C. Wrighton, Hoi-Ying N. Holman, Giovanni Birarda, Brian C. Thomas, Andrea Singh, Kenneth H. Williams, Cristina E. Siegerist, Susannah G. Tringe, Kenneth H. Downing, Luis R. Comolli, and Jillian F. Banfield, Diverse uncultivated ultra-small bacterial cells in groundwater, Nature Communications 6: […]

Expanding agricultural production in Africa — looks as if it may be substantially increasing crop associated populations of plague-carrying rodents Comments Off

© 2015 Peter Free Citation — to study Douglas J. McCauley, Daniel J. Salkeld, Hillary S. Young, Rhodes Makundi, Rodolfo Dirzo, Ralph P. Eckerlin, Eric F. Lambin, Lynne Gaffikin, Michele Barry, and Kristofer M. Helgen, Effects of Land Use on Plague (Yersinia pestis) Activity in Rodents in Tanzania, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, […]

When plants finally die from increasing aridity — dryness escalates abruptly — a retrospective climate study from sediments at the bottom of Ghana’s Lake Bosumtwi Comments Off

© 2015 Peter Free Citation — to study Timothy M. Shanahan, Nicholas P. McKay, Konrad A. Hughen, Jonathan T. Overpeck, Bette Otto-Bliesner, Clifford W. Heil, John King, Christopher A. Scholz, and John Peck, The time-transgressive termination of the African Humid Period, Nature Geoscience 8(2): 140-144, DOI:10.1038/ngeo2329 (26 January 2015) Citation — to press release Northern […]

Removing cattle from trampled waterway banks — without doing anything else — may be enough to restore the land — a study from south central (arid) Oregon Comments Off

© 2015 Peter Free Citation — to study Jonathan L. Batchelor, William J. Ripple, Todd M. Wilson, and Luke E. Painter, Restoration of Riparian Areas Following the Removal of Cattle in the Northwestern Great Basin, Environmental Management, DOI: 10.1007/s00267-014-0436-2 (online first, 19 February 2015) Citation — to press release Springer Science+Business Media, Cattle damage to […]